Sunday, September 24, 2017

Slowly Exploring the PCT from Portland

This past weekend we headed up to Mt. Hood to hike another section of the Pacific Crest Trail. Every time I set out I learn to be a better hiker.

The big lesson from yesterday is that if the trail you are on is covered in logs and is washed out in many places you are not on the PCT. I confused the Barlow Road Trail for the PCT and spent a few minutes figuring things out.

The PCT is heavily used and is cared for by volunteers so it is in impeccable shape, especially for the sections near Portland and other popular recreation areas. I can't speak about the condition of the trail in remote areas, not yet.

I did a good job of making sure we had warm clothes, food, and water. I did not bring a headlamp. We returned to the car at 4:00 pm so no crisis was reached. A small LED light wouldn't have added significant weight and would have been good insurance should we have been delayed on our return.


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