Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How Much Does X Files Box Set Cost?

Today the daughter asked me how much a box set of the entire run of the X Files cost. Not sure why she asked me, as I've never purchased a box set of any TV series, ever. Also, questions like these can be answered on Amazon with a precision that goes far beyond idle musing.

For US$130 a person can devote many hours to the careful study of each and every episode of the X Files.

I was encouraging her to be a serious amateur in her study (perhaps later she may become an academic). I reasoned that considering the scores of hours such a collection would provide, the money spent might be considered reasonable.

"I've already seen the first three seasons. The last two seasons sucked. So not much need to purchase the box set," she said.

The beauty of rationality when spending one's own money. Stoke!


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