Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tel Aviv Wave Diary Part 2

One of the aspects of my surfing life that I failed to document was the vibrant beach scene at Hilton Beach during my years of surfing there.

An early morning session might bring a sighting of the former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir taking a stroll with his bodyguard. He always returned my "boker tov" in a hale and hearty manner. So much for his bad reputation for public speaking.

In the afternoon MK Yossi Sarid liked to play backgammon in the shade of the lifeguard station.

I suspect there were plenty more big names around, not just politicians but celebrities of all stripes. I was generally focused on what was directly in front of me and I'm positive I missed all sorts of things.

This is one of my favorite pictures as it depicts a scene so often witnessed by myself that, at the time, seemed to hardly merit comment. Now I'm filled with wonder at the impossible excellence of such a situation: being able to paddle out with some good friends, catch a few waves, and just hang out in front of a beautiful cityscape telling lies and cracking jokes.

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