Monday, May 23, 2016

End Of School Year Post

The Daughter makes an appropriate expression of summation of this academic year.

The school year is slowly winding down, with another two weeks to go before the endless screen time fiesta starts in earnest. Sure, the kids will have camps and various activities, but summer means the kids have free time to spend as they best see fit.

Both kids are good students and are getting a fine education. Also true, both kids complain bitterly about the arbitrary and unfair nature of school -- having to interact with difficult people,do projects with those not on-board with their philosophies.

To the Daughter who just finished middle school, I tell her that nobody in the history of US middle schools has ever enjoyed her/his experience. There were some early 20th century reports of students enjoying middle school, but such turned out to be cruel hoaxes perpetrated by foreign nationals intent on undermining our American way of life.

To the Son, I tell him to go to school. It's his responsibility to go, whether he likes it or not. Added bonus: Now the kid is graduating from 5th grade and starts middle school next year, I can recycle my verbiage.

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