Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Captain's Log of The Pacific Pathfinders


March 11th 2015,

Yesterday I commanded my crew in a portage at the Federation’s Field’s Trail, we had to carry a kayak full of supplies across the trail, to simulate what the Lewis and Clark Expedition had to do.

We faced multiple challenges such as Prickly Pear (Blackberry Bush), The weight of our food, water, and guns (Backpacks), and unforgiving terrain (Such as very steep parts of the trail, both up and down).

I commanded my crew to the Pacific Ocean (The field again), and as Captain It’s my duty to yell something inspirational to the troops.
So I yelled “OCEAN IN VIEW!” and we all were cheering (Or screaming in agony from the Blackberry Bushes).

When we got to the middle of the field, we put the Kayak back, I gave my crew showers and drinks, Pvt. Feinblatt of the platoon known as West Of The Mississippi crafted
bandages of grass and tissue primarily for the Capt. of the platoon known as River Runners, and Pvt. N. of West Of The Mississippi, who both had many marks on their legs.

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