Thursday, March 26, 2015

Modeling Parenting Behavior: Conversation With President Obama

Not to be put off by lack of access, I had a forthright conversation about various issues with President Obama's life-size cardboard figure.

An older gentleman informed me that one aspect of successful parenting was modeling behavior. As his children survived into adulthood and apparently live "normal" lives, I felt he was onto something.

The kernel of the idea is the nippers will see us parents doing stuff and want to do it, too. The trick is to get the kids to see the good stuff and not the psycho angst that compels me to stay up all night firing off emails to the Ukraine and screaming at an imaginary Slavic assistant named Pjotr to bring more Slivovitz and pierogi.

We all have our moments.

More to the point, I have playfully spoken into a banana pretending it is a telephone, created a song and dance celebrating southern culture and hot dogs, inverted children when necessary, and dutifully watched  The Walking Dead because otherwise I would have no common reference point with my offspring.

When recently in Washington D.C. I wanted to show my family back home that I was involved in "issues" and "stuff" that "people" get involved in. So I had my earnest moment of dialogue with Cardboard Obama. We spoke wistfully about the Affordable Care Act, Congressional obstructionism, and had a good laugh at a certain prime minister's expense -- you know who you are Mr. Soggy Felafel.

I suppose I should feel inadequate that a piece of cardboard spoke more eloquently than myself, but I am blessed with short attention span and am not troubled by such things.

Just need to ...Pjotr!

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