Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kid Creativity Forces Blogger To Futz Down Memory Lane

Wacky Packs were the pinnacle of cool in 1975 4th-grade Minnesota.
The 10-year-old got the chance to design his own "M.T. Freezer" T-shirt. I will not spill the beans about all the graphic excellence so as to save some content for another post.

Seeing how happy the kid was in his new shirt made me think about one of my favorite shirts from a similar time in life. However, my shirt had the graphic of "Belches Grape Juice," rather than the jelly pictured above. As a 10-year-old belching was the best activity ever, and to wear such on a shirt was, well, to live in a constant state of giddy excitement.

Whatever problem I have with the new generation I need to remember that somehow kids today have better taste in graphics.

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