Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bike Shop Finally Gets Serious And Adopts Mascot

Previously I had reservations about this business, but now that the dog has been installed all is okay.
Remember when there were bookstores? I do. And I also remember the disappointment that came upon me when I entered a new establishment and noticed that it had failed to have an adequate cat on hand.

How could a bookstore impart any sort of printed material, even a calendar, to anyone if there was no cat.

Bike stores need dogs. So when a friend opened his recumbent bike store recently I was skeptical until the pooch was given her due.

Tricycle and recumbent stoke!


  1. Did you know that there are some libraries who have cats? One of the library cats even has his own blog. Also, my dog's name is the same, but I spell it Lily.

  2. A cat sounds like the perfect way to improve any public library. I'm hoping a federal grant could increase the number of library cats.