Monday, March 16, 2015

Antiquated Cookbook Sparks Interest In Cooking For 10-year-old

Perhaps because this dated book lacked the pretense and truffle oil of Food Channel recipes the kid wanted to try it out.
The 10-year-old went to a used book sale and purchased the above tome. Apparently the cookbook was published by Campbell as there was no title page or ISBN number, leaving me to approximate the date -- best guess 1958.

The kid was keen to try out a recipe -- "Pizza Doggies" called out to him. Not sure if he knows what a square dance is.

 He made a shopping list and we went together to the market to buy supplies. As it was Saturday he asked for a special lunch treat -- sushi rolls -- proving his tastes are not mired in the pedestrian. Extra fun occurred when we found Campbell tomato soup and did not need to risk using an off brand.

That evening he prepared the meal, asking questions and getting annoyed with I offered too much hands-on help.

I am thrilled he is showing interest and initiative in the kitchen.

The pizza doggies tasted good, too -- as someone with a deep appreciation of pizza I find it hard to dislike any food item covered with tomato and garlic sauce with melted cheese on top.

Not to be outdone, the 13-year-old baked delicious chocolate chip cookies. Proud? You bet!

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