Monday, February 2, 2015

Shameless Editmob Promo Post And Video


For academics and serious amateurs who rigorously study this blog you may have noticed that the above button has been appearing on Portdaddia for some time.

What happens when you click on the button (below) is that a screen pops up and you can easily submit any typos found here. The more typos one submits, the greater the chance one has of winning a pony

This is an awesome service. I have received emails pointing out typos frequently because blogging is a messy business. When an email arrives and begins with "according to the New York Times style guide ..." I am loving it. 

I chatted with Dave, founder and CEO of Editmob, this weekend. Dave spoke eloquently of his political philosophy, his philanthropy, his love of children, sheep, and freshly roasted candies. He was glad to have Portdaddia on board. The feeling is mutual!

I have made this video to illustrate what Editmob might look like if it dealt with the spoken word and "the mob" was a 10-year-old child.


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