Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Zoo Still Meaningful And the Kids Like It Too

The thermal image represents vision through a snake's eyes.
This past summer I was at the zoo with the nine-year-old boy. We live nearby and used to go four or five times a year. Lately we've only been going once every six months.

Usually I'm the one who suggests the zoo to the kids. Compared to other entertainments such is the choice of last resort. I tell them it's a nice walk, plus you get animals.

Once the kids get inside the gates all is well and they geek on new aspects of the zoo. Last time it was the dwarf mongoose that held our attention the longest.

When I was a new dad I would take the baby in the stroller and look at the animals I wanted to see, which usually was the polar bears and leopard.

The big ticket item I have yet to see is a fresh road-kill deer carcass delivered to the cougar. I might get more enthusiasm if I relate this, somehow, to The Walking Dead television show.

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