Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Gravity Falls" Television Show Earns Family Approval

The above image resonated strongly with the crew. Yes, those are underpants.
I know I like to bag on Disney, but once again they have created a fine cultural product that does not include princesses or singing.

My kids like to introduce me to shows they enjoy. They want my seal of approval because I like to laugh, and it seems their average age, 11, apparently is where my funny bone resides.

The show gets its name from the fictitious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Although the art and animation initially made me wince, reminiscent of crappy Hanna-Barbera productions of the 70s and Family Guy, the quirky plots and characters caught me.

I've seen two episodes, which obviously qualifies me as an expert. If you would like me to speak on your panel please click here.

In one episode snarky gnomes tried to force matrimony on Mable Pines, while in another a crazed hillbilly built a robot monster that lived in a place that highly resembled Crater Lake.

Good plot and pacing, weird characters, and enough snark for young (I mean really young) urban sophisticates.

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