Monday, September 15, 2014

Wholesome Activity Fails To Alter Snarky Malcontents From Portland

Stevenson, Washington where the motto of the town is "Rig big or go home -- this is the Gorge".

We were out in the Columbia River Gorge this past weekend where the September sun shines so perfect one wants to cry, make snarky comments, or, at the very least, exploit natural resources for short-term monetary gain.

This is our problem, even though we are exposed to some of the most perfect scenery on this planet, we being who we are can't seem to get to the truth of it all and instead wallow in a snark-arama of our own making.

I did make a video of us at Kiyokawa Family Orchards, a wholesome place for decent people to pick apples and buy Asian pears. Still, they allowed us on the premises and no charges are pending.

Here's a video I made in hopes of casting a better light on our conduct.


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