Friday, September 19, 2014

Kids Challenge Dad To Make Ridiculous Amount of BBQ Ribs

Sushi, guacamole, barbeque ribs -- some food never generate leftovers.
Every time I cook ribs no matter the quantity the kids complain there isn't enough.

Fair to say I have failed to prepare sides that are delicious.

The main hurdle is to get a nine-year-old to ignore the ribs and eat some vegetables, any vegetables, no matter the preparation. Some sides may sound and look good, but this is a difficult nut to crack.

My philosophy here is that every now and then we should have the modern day equivalent of a medieval feast -- where people get to eat and drink only what they want and plenty of it.

Birthdays, of course! But there are only four of us so if we celebrate St. Crispin's Day who can blame us?

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