Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kid Writes Essay About International Experience With Monkey In "Jungle Fun"

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Jungle Fun 
(translation of attraction's name)

When I was in Eretz Yisrael for two weeks I went to spend two days at my uncle’s kibbutz. It was old, rusty, and rundown, but the best part was the tropical jungle!!!!!!

Ok, I was exaggerating it was a zoo, but all the animals were roaming around. I had to watch my step because there were anteaters, crowned birds, weird tropical birds, a peacock with a 5 foot tail, a tortoise, a donkey and more. There was an ostrich my size that came so close that I could feel its breath.
But the best part was the squirrel monkeys. In case you don’t know what squirrel monkeys are, these next words are for you. Squirrel monkeys are cute monkeys that have that have incredible acrobatics(about 90x better than a cat). Anyway, we went into a chain linked fence dome(a dome so the monkeys would not escape even though they were climbing on the fence) on a bridge with capybaras below and parrots overhead and of course the SQUIRREL MONKEYS!!!!!!!! When we walked in the monkeys started to climb on us.
My dad snuck in his Iphone (shout out to apple) and filmed a  FUNNYvideo. When they brought the monkeys food they put it on a thingy  5 feet from the bridge and the monkeys jumped onto the thingy and ate there. 

(For the record I did not smuggle a phone into the monkeys' habitat. I was advised not to bring it lest the vile critters steal it and order cigarettes and Bacardi over the internet. They did try and take it from me, but at least in this test of strength I triumped over a 16-inch, 5 lb monkey.)


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