Monday, July 14, 2014

When Things Go South Use The Crayons For (Serious) Art

In this work I address the relationship of depicted space to line and form, rather than in any implied meaning or message. I wanted to create a menu/placemat  that emphasized its frontal plane in a way that would echo the vestige of countryside  behind it. Indeed, the work suggests how mankind has fallen from the grace of nature to fester in post-industrial age violence. 
We went to a restaurant and the server who seated us somehow didn't hear me when I said we didn't need children's menus. He had brought two for the 12- and nine-year-old. (My guys gave up on coloring at age 3).

Not only did he assume our internet-saavy kids would want to color, but the lame-ass picture was really stoopid for a brew pub. A more appropriate image might be a member of the clergy being issued a DUI by a cheerful constable.

After we found our seats, three adult menus remained on the table and one kids menu and crayons. I got the kids menu and crayons.

I suppose I wouldn't have minded getting first crack at the big boy menu, but things turned out pretty well.

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