Thursday, June 13, 2013

What The Hell Is Going On Here - Oh, School's Out!

Video game or reality? Is there in fact a difference? 
School is ending soon for my kids who are looking forward to a less-pressured life with more video games and YouTube videos.

I'm not sure that my life will be less stressed as a result. I work from home so a kid's freedom from oppression can be my annoying high level of noise. Plus now that I will be able to observe them much more I will be tempted to lecture them on my favorite subjects, for example, the moral ambivalence of the Chinese Civil War ( this can include a field trip to the garage where I have both the Nationalist KMT flag as well as the Chinese Communist one on the opposite wall).

They also need to digest many of my political views, that is if they know what's good for them. ("But I thought Yair Lapid was a good guy?" "No, son, that was only until he joined the coalition and insisted on an undivided Jerusalem.")

I predict they will attempt to lay low and indulge in screen time in a myriad of different ways. This will be all well and good until their inactivity weights so heavily on my mind I will be compelled to roust them out of their stupor and insist something be done under the sky.

If they start playing video games beyond the red line of nine hours a day I could be forced to give them an ultimatum: Write 500 words about Chiang Kai-shek or go ride your bikes.

The Xian Incident was pretty cool, but then again so are bikes. I will have to think up more drastic measures.

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