Friday, June 28, 2013

Thumbs Down On Bubble Tea

Expecting liquid joy, she was disappointed with an overly sweet beverage sporting suspicious gelatinous chunks. 
Like I've said before wish fulfillment is what we do here. My daughter had been wanting to try bubble tea for a long time. I saw my opportunity to work some extra advocacy into the bargain, "Sure, let's go," I said, "... on bikes."

So we rode down out of the West Hills and a few miles into the east side, generally keeping to residential streets until we arrived at the Hawthorne district. We found the bubble tea place which also sold bahn mi, as well as bagels, and assorted specialty beverages. This should should have been a warning as a place that tries to cover too much culinary territory usually fails at all destinations.  

My daughter ordered a pineapple milk-based drink with mango jellies. I was wary of sugary overload so I ordered green tea with guava flavoring and tapioca pearls. I preferred my beverage to hers but still found it too sweet. The green tea flavor, however, was clear and pleasing. The guava flavor just tasted like syrup.

I did like chewing on the tapioca pearls.

My daughter felt she missed an opportunity for a much higher level of treat -- a fresh muffin at a bakery. I agreed wholeheartedly.

We also both agreed the biking on a sunny day was the best part of our outing.

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