Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daughter Successfully Cleans Room

Not an illustration: This is actually the daughter's room.

A long time in coming, with plenty of false starts and dashed hopes, but the room became clean yesterday. After the official announcement I ran in with my camera, for these things can be as fleeting as a snowflake in April.

I haven't the courage to go in there today.

There are still some items that may or may not make the final cut. For example, the  bed canopy, which was acquired in The Princess phase, still hangs in a corner. The emerging tween has more of a discerning eye but still likes the flowing fabric.  

For me there is satisfaction in a more orderly environment, but perhaps most gratifying was the many boxes of clothes and shoes that did not fit anymore which were routed to people and places which could make good use of them.

For the record, the boot camp which I referenced yesterday was not militaristic enforcement of the clean-room doctrine.

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