Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bouillabaisse An Unlikely Hit With Kids

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Getting the kids to like good food can sometimes be a challenge. We have the policy that the meal can be eaten or ignored, but it is the meal so skip it at your own peril

 I try and balance challenging meals, like bouillabaisse, with the more kid friendly pasta with cheese. One can only move so fast with these issues.

The breakthrough that occurred with bouillabaisse was when I produced a fresh baguette and told the kids it was to dip in the broth. My son likes shrimp, clams, squid, and mussels, but he appears to like baguette more. My daughter who had been moping about the imposed radical meal, suddenly brightened at the thought of bread dipped in soup.

After the meal the daughter, who ate only the fish portion of the soup, was a convert to bouillabaisse.

The eight-year-old son was already a fan of this type of dish, commenting that it was similar to the "Brazilian Fisherman's Soup" he had ordered at a restaurant dinner with a grandparent.

Most likely the kid will grow impatient with the chef as I hit my upper limits of cuisine. Can't wait.

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