Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beverage Policy Tries To Limit The Damage

There's always some other kid who gets to brush his teeth with orange soda every night.
My parenting philosophy is if you can't do the right thing, do the kinda right thing.

I would like my kids to eat less sugar, as that is impossible the next best thing is to try and have policies that might, under certain circumstances, cause the kids to reflect on their excessive sugar intake. Our policy when we are eating out is that our kids may choose a sugary beverage or a dessert item.

Unless, of course, an eating festival is declared and all policies are cancelled. This usually occurs when a grandparent is present, at birthday parties, camping, or when other children are eating more sugar than our guys.

I dream about being a consistent parent, but then such a foolish consistency might be the hobgoblin of little minds (buzz-freaked on sugar).

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