Friday, March 22, 2013

The Most Popular Seat In the House

The kid is in his office.

The above diagram shows the most contested spot in the house -- the Couch Corner.

I myself have sat there years ago. It is indeed cozy and comfortable. Next time I get really furious a good tactic might be to plant myself there and refuse to budge unless contrition is immediately forthcoming.

Too many arguments to count have occurred over this patch of couch real estate. The eternal point of contention is how long one may vacate the spot for a bathroom or snack break before all rights become null and void.

I accept my journey into insanity when I contemplate that when the family sits down we're like the Simpsons, or the players in "All in the Family," with our assigned spots in front of the television. Everything changes, everything stays the same -- but at least I get to blog about it!


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