Monday, March 11, 2013

Exploding Heads -- A Good Weekend

Breakfast of Champions: Sunday morning I felt the fun from Saturday. I took this snap as my usual fare is Jimmy Dean blueberry pancake-wrapped sausages. I want the casual reader to know I occasionally eat food without trans fat.

Nothing says party like setting the clocks forward an hour. We didn't exactly follow through with that dictum, but we did enjoy ourselves in a relaxing way this weekend.

I went skiing with my son Saturday which explains the above photo. On the slopes we joined some friends and I had the privilege to share a chairlift ride with three 8-year-olds. The panel earnestly discussed where each had seen graffiti resembling a penis and testicles on the ski hill. All seemed appropriate for a day out with the boys.

Sunday we took it slow and I was given a glimpse of what my daughter was getting up to on her iPad.

I suppose none of these details bear repeating, but that's the point. Sometimes the absolute normalcy of life is that which must be celebrated.

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