Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Daughter’s Turn

The ruler of the cruise ship community coming to express his tyranny through coffee.

The eleven year old takes over Portdaddia

Salutations minions. It is I the malicious offspring of Portdaddia himself. As you have heard from the dictator, (my father) our family has been on a Disney Cruise Line through the Caribbean. What can I say it was a Disney cruise. 

There were crew members in costumes trying to hug you and kidnap you, there were singing characters that looked like they wanted to jump overboard, and there were origami towels shaped like different creatures. The finalists were an aardvark and a monkey clipped to a hanger. There was a giant pool shaped like mickey mouse (as expected) there was a slow waterslide above it. There were three pools on the ship. The second pool was called Goofy’s Pool. This pool had a wave simulation feature. The water in both pools was scummy and after the first thirty seconds I became disgusted and hopped out of the pool.

But scummy pools aside, let’s talk about one major factor: the food. To make a long story short, too good, too much, and bad bacon. All in all, it was a very fun trip. I conversed with endangered green sea turtles upon snorkeling, looked jealously upon adults drinking “pain killers” (rum punch), I renamed myself  McStuffed-with-sugar-until- spontaneously-combusted.

Signing off to fill my young and impressionable head with the horrors of humanity,

The Overlord Of The Universe ;)

Every night we enjoyed towel origami in our stateroom.

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