Thursday, January 17, 2013

Does Lower Volume Equal Boredom?

Like a Kung-fu movie, sibling conflict can erupt at any place and time for any reason -- although perceived slights and revenge play a predominant role.
This week our eldest child was on a field trip with her 5th grade class to explore issues of sustainability. She bounded off full of confidence and excitement, leaving LSS, me and the 8-year-old to our own devices.

With 25% of the household gone, conflict still dropped a full 81%, as measured by the Portdaddia Index of Screaming Whack Kids.

At dinners the 8-year-old was free to share his thoughts of the world without a sister butting in. Other areas of less conflict included computer use, television show selection and bathroom use. Despite these freedoms, generally the kid missed his sister.

As for me, the quiet in the house felt like an eerie harbinger of being too old to go earnestly and fully beaded to the drum circle.

I don't need to be overly maudlin as tonight everything gets back to normal. I expect sibling conflict to erupt 24.2 minutes after everyone has come home. This is one of those things where the prudent thing to say is be careful what you wish for. Embrace the chaos of parenting!

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